Folk dance music with improvisations

Old tunes used for folk dancing in Denmark 1999 arranged with improvisations to vary the music when playing the many repetitions

The music is written as scores, transposed to different instruments, and can be heard on midi

A short description of the dance

Folk dances from Denmark + a few from Sweden and other countries

Niels Mejlhede Jensen, Bøgeløvsvej 4, 2830 Virum, Denmark. e-mail (web master)
(several generations in folk dancing and music)
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10 years later: 2009: This website made in 1999 with 20 folkdances danced in Denmark had been placed on, a host server owned by UNI2 and DADL (Danish Medical Association). I had believed this to be a reliable place. But in January 2009 the server (and by this my website) was closed down with short notice. The dances with their music have been danced for more than 100 years and are very relevant for more than the next 100 years, so it was not the time to discharge this webpage. So I have moved it to here, on my daughter's webpage on: on, where I hope it will stay for a long time.

A score of scores

20 folk dances with dance desriptions and with musical arrangements written as scores and with audio midi files
10 MB on 1000 files
Click the links to go to a description of the dance and its music.

Dance of 20 weeks (+ Yule tide):

20 May 17 Emmas vals Emma's Waltz couple waltz
19 May 10 Hamborg 6-tur Hamburg 6-trip mixer side running, polka
18 May 3 1000 tanker 1000 Thoughts sønderhoning,
south ho
walking, south ho
17 April 26 Dona Bleska 
(Doudlebska Polka)
Dona Bleska (Doudlebska Polka) mixer walking, polka
16 April 19 Jänta å ja The Girl and Me couple dal steps, hambo
15 April 12 Når vandet fryser Freezing Waters 3 corner dance 
(3 couples)
walking, two steps
14 April 5 Trippevals "353" Mince Waltz no. 353 couple mince waltz
13 March 29 6-tur fra Vendsyssel 6-trip North quadrille (square = 4 couples) chasse, walking or swing steps
12 March 22 Smedens 1' skottis 
(= Tisse skottis)
Blacksmith's no 1 Schottische
(= Pee Schottische)
couple schottische
11 March 15 Bondepigen Peasant Girl 3 persons hop running
10 March 8 Snurrebocken Whirring Buck couple (mixer) polska, running
9 March 1 Stødt kanel Pounded Cinnamon mixer waltz
8 February 22 2-tur fra Vejle 2-trip from Vejle mixer walking, polka
7 February 15 Høstdans Harvest Hopsa couple hops
6 February 8 Bitte mand i knibe Little man in a fix 2 couples running, waltz
5 February 1 Bedstefars rheinlænderpolka nr ½5 Grandfather's Polka no ½5 couple 
or mixer
chasse, polka
4 January 25 Gärdeby Gånglåt Gerdeby Walking Tune mixer walking, side steps
3 January 18 Trommelvalsen Roller Waltz 3 couples running, waltz
2 January 11 Fætter Mikkel Cousin Mikkel line walking, polka
1 January 4 Sjijnmyravalsen Sjijn Bog Waltz couple waltz
0 X-mas 1998 Spillemand spil lystigt op Yule Tree Dance mixer walking, polka

This web site is mine. Out from my tradition I tell how I dance the folk dances and how I feel the music should be played.
I have made (proposals to) musical arrangements for improvisations with the hope of attracting new musicians (e.g. from concert bands) to try the enjoyment of a big folk dancing audience. You may copy my note sheets and text.

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