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Old tunes used for folk dancing in Denmark 1999 arranged with improvisations

On this page I intend to bring my own comments and chat, in any order:

This is my personal web site, and the opinion here is only mine.

I hope to see music and folk dance descriptions from other countries here on the Web. To use it in our group we need both the music note and the dance description.

At Herlev Public Library they have Musicator in Norwegian and Encore in English, and there anybody (not just local people) can come and use these (rather expensive) programs. According to the manual for Encore and the help file it should be easy enough to print the notes to file for use in other programs like Word. But it was not so easy for me. See my web design page.

Skandia Seattle has a description of 30 Nordic dances, 6 from Denmark. This is excellent work, a nice web site. (The link to the description page has seemed broken for me until now in March?) It is good for me to read descriptions in English language to see the right words. I may now think of changing some expressions.
My dance week 3: Trommelvalsen (Roller Waltz) is also described by Skandia so you may see it systematically explained there. Skandia has named the dance "Drumming Waltz", which is OK. I have now (March) added a footnote about this name to the dance.

Dance of week 10: the Swedish "Snurrebocken" I have called Whirring Buck in English, to keep the name bock = buck. But the bock in a snurrebock I imagine to be a small male goat jumping there on the spot and whirring around. I do not know. Let the knowing local Swedes decide.

For dance no. 7, hopsa or hop dance, I have chosen to bring a different melody: Høstdans = Harvest Hopsa in december 1999, to be sure to use an old folk tune.

10 years later: 2009: This website made in 1999 with 20 folkdances danced in Denmark had been placed on, a host server owned by UNI2 and DADL (Danish Medical Association). I had believed this to be a reliable place. But in January 2009 the server (and by this my website) was closed down with short notice. The dances with their music have been danced for more than 100 years and are very relevant for more than the next 100 years, so it was not the time to discharge this webpage. So I have moved it to here, on my daughter's webpage on: on, where I hope it will stay for a long time.
I am sorry for the inconvenience this has given to the many that had linked to my website.

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