Folk dance music with improvisations

Old tunes used for folk dancing in Denmark 1999 arranged with improvisations to vary the music when playing the many repetitions

The music is written as scores, transposed to different instruments

Niels Mejlhede Jensen, Bøgeløvsvej 4, 2830 Virum, Denmark. e-mail (web master)

Performing proposals

This page here is linked to the 20 (main) pages each with a folk dance with dance description, and sheet music with improvisations and midi music. On the page here I give a proposal to perform the music.

Link to index to the dances and sheet music and midi music.

The proposals shown here should be altered slightly according to the parts (the voices) that are included in the specific music.

The dance is played e.g. 3-10 times (for some dances, quadrille (square) dances, there is a predetermined number of times).

Arrangement 1: none or maybe 1 solo
Most instruments play the melody, a few play A and B parts and the like.
Once or so there may be a "solo" part e.g. C1 from an instrument, while the others play less loud but still lively rhythmic.
Arrangement 2: two or more instrument solos
The melody is played at the beginning and at the end, and maybe a few times in between.
In between there are solos (improvisations) by different instrument groups.
The melody can be played together with any part.
melody many instruments remaining instruments support the melody, A and B and the like
C1  instrument group 1 e.g. trumpets or bassoons or ...
C2 instrument group 2 e.g. flutes or violins or ...
mod instrument group 3  e.g. clarinets or oboes or ...
n1 instrument group 4 e.g. french horns or saxophones or ...
n2 instrument group 5 e.g. accordions or ...
melody clear and loud instruments remaining instruments play suitable parts

Examples of musical arrangements are given as midi for 4 dances:

Index to dances

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