Folk dances from Denmark


Niels Mejlhede Jensen, Bøgeløvsvej 4, 2830 Virum, Denmark. e-mail (web master)

Old tunes used for folk dancing in Denmark 1999, arranged with music improvisations; + dance instructions

Folk dances from Denmark + a few from Sweden and other countries

English summary

An old, merry dance from Denmark every week.
With illustrated dance description. With music. With simple music improvisations. With music notes.

Folk dances we dance with much joy in Denmark today are described in music and dance on the linked pages - in English.
The dance is explained shortly in words + small sketches (black and white that can be printed), and with rough animation sketches in colour. The dances are not explained in detail, because the dances are meant for joy. Small local deviations in details in dancing are all right. There are small deviations in dancing in Denmark too, from place to place, and from some years ago and to now.

On the separate music note pages the old melody for the dance is the top staff on two pages. The next 10 staves below are my constructed arrangements, constructed after the principles described on a separate web page. My intention is to expand this folk dancing music with improvisations (somewhat like in jazz), to vary the music at the many repetitions. Because of the simplicity of these folk melodies the arrangements are simple in harmony, and for some parts dance orientated in rhythm. The music notes are written to the different instruments of the orchestra: A, Bb, C, Eb, F, and bass.

The music of the melody and of the different parts can be heard in midi on the main pages.

There are many places in Denmark where you can dance folk dance. See my page with links.
Every tuesday evening you are welcome at the Technical University in Copenhagen. By Spillemandsdansen. Closed July and August.

Have pleasure.

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