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Niels Mejlhede Jensen, Bøgeløvsvej 4, 2830 Virum, Denmark. e-mail (web master)

Old tunes used for folk dancing in Denmark 1999 arranged with improvisations

10 years later: 2009: This website made in 1999 with 20 folkdances danced in Denmark had a lot of links to relevant websites all over the world at that time.
Since then more websites were published.
But also: many of the links I had here soon started to be "broken" because more and more websites were closed down or moved. (like what happened to my website after 10 years). After these 10 years 25% of the links were still active and right.
So now I decide not to bring links.

Folk music dancing groups of this area of northern Copenhagen metropolis:

Spillemandsdansen (Fiddlers' Dance) at the Technical University: folk dance every tuesday evening with open house, one minute dance instructions, also open for musicians, music notes available. Vacation in July and August.
2009: Spillemandsdansen had to leave the Technical University because of lack of space a couple of years ago, and now a group dance and play at a local school.
Spillemandsdansen has a website now: with a very active webmaster.

Gladsaxe Spillemandslaug: folk dance one thursday a month has stopped.
Holte Folkemusikhus: folk dance one saturday a month with open house.
Stades Krog in Lyngby: folk dance one saturday a month with open house.

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