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Old tunes used for folk dancing in Denmark 1999 arranged with improvisations

How to go from page to page of the same type:

When you for several dances want to see: then you do not need to "go in and out" of the index page and all the main pages with the time consuming uploading (of the photo and the music buttons).
Instead: just make the small change in the URL in the Location line, as shown in the image below:

Image of Dance Description web page

Change the number 6 in the location line to any other number corresponding to the dance you want to see from the table of contents in the Index page, as shown here below:
image of the Index web page

Music pages

A music note sheet opens in its own window, leaving the main page open behind. So you can open 2 sheets (2 pages) of music notes and place them as shown here for the melody, to read the whole melody.

image of 2 note sheets on top of the Main page
In the bottom line of the window (if the Process line is there) you can have pages ready to be called upon. It could be relevant to have the Index page with the table of contents of dances being ready here in its own window, if you want to move around among notes or dance descriptions.
If you come from the main page to the note page (which opens in a separate window), and then click the note sheet to go back to the main page, then another main page window will open, making two of them. You may want to close one of them not to have too many windows open.
In the situation with the 3 windows on the screen here, you can choose to roll the main page window down to the midi sound buttons to hear the music played while watching the notes.

Index page with table of contents

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