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Waltz: folke dance or standard dance?

From Viennese waltz to people’s waltz, then back to Viennese waltz?

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Waltz is with music in time signature 3/4 and is a special (wonderful) dance I have not included here in the same way as e.g. the latin dances. This is because waltz is well known and much danced in folk dance and else.

Among ballroom dances we have standard waltz (= English waltz) and Viennese waltz, i.e. slow waltz and fast waltz; with dance figures like in e.g. quickstep, dance figures we don’t include in enjoying a folk dance waltz.


Side close on beat 2 or beat 3?

In 1921 it was decided in England that standard waltz is with the basic steps: “walk-side-close” on beat 1, 2, 3.

In Sweden up to 1900 waltz had side close on beat 2 and not on beat 3, also at the royal court. The same was widespread in Danish folk dance (low class people) according to my opinion.

Now we all define waltz with side close on beat 3.