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Our sailor has been on the Pacific to America and was inspired to use charleston in a traditional Danish type folk dance.

We dance for the pleasure so you are free to select a relaxed informal hold etc.



Dance description


Start: all couples stand in the line of dance (lod) after one another: Lady (L) to the right of Gent (G). Every second couple turn around so 2 couples face one another: in the big lod circle in the ballroom (or in a long straight line). L stands to the right of her G and faces her corner G = the opposite G. At the end of the dance G+L has moved forward to face a new couple.


Short description:


The dance consists of 4 parts: circle, couple dance with corner, couple dance with partner, change to new opposite couple:


1        circle of the 2 couples, clockwise and anticlockwise, walking steps or rumba steps

2        rumba couple dance with corner: basic steps and twinkle

3        rumba couple dance with own partner: basic steps and opening

4        change place by walking through opposite couple and face the new couple



Description in detail:


bar no

1-16              Big circle, holding hands, clockwise and anticlockwise walking steps or rumba steps.

17-18            Couple dance with corner: 2 basic steps, close hold.

19-20            Twinkle steps to both sides.

21-22            2 basic steps.

23                 G and corner L dance from one another with a step backwards, L right hand (rh) in G left hand (lh):

24                 G rh to own partner L lh : step towards each other.

25-26            Close hold with own partner: 2 basic steps.

27                 Opening (hand to hand): face opposite: G ¼ turn left: step back left foot (lf), L ¼ turn right: step back right foot (rf).

28                 Opening: back towards 2 couple centre, face the former opposite couple.

29-32            Change over to face a new couple: rh to opposite (= corner) rumba-walk: G lf walk slow, rf walk quick, lf close to rf quick; L: mirror reflected.



Dance steps and dance figures:



We here dance the common rumba, ”social rumba”, as it previously was danced in Denmark. Many common melodies and songs are fit for this rumba.

We count: slow quick quick, on 1-2, 3, 4 (while modern (English) rumba counts quick quick slow, on 2, 3, 4-1 (see the dance "Cuban wriggle").

(This is USA West Coast rumba. USA also has the rumba count: quick quick slow on 1, 2, 3-4).

(The rumba basic steps here are described (as reverse square) by: Akrill: Social Dance: The Cuban Rumba - often called the classic dance of all the Latin dances - has been popular in its country of origin, Cuba, for over 400 years).

Rumba basic steps:

We count to 4 in a bar slow quick quick on 1-2, 3, 4.

G: left foot (lf) walk forward slow, right foot (rf) to the side of lf quick, lf close to rf quick. Close hold; L follows G.

G: rf foot step back slow, lf to the side of rf quick, rf close to lf quick. L follows G.

With these 2 basic steps we have walked a box (a small square).

This box is walked somewhat likewise in standard waltz, only in waltz (in meter 3/4) alle 3 steps are of equal length 1, 2, 3.



Close but loose hold, both: lf walk forward slow so both have left side to one another and lf past one another; then weight to rf quick; then lf to the left quick. Then change to the left side of one another with rf forward and right side towards one another etc.



Close hold is opened: G turns ¼ left and L turns ¼ right: G steps back on lf, L steps back on rf slow, G rh around L waist, so both face to G’s originally left side, then weight on G rf L lf quick, then turn to face each other, close feet quick. Equivalent opening to the other side, G right side.


Hand pull:

Close hold is released: G lets right arm hold go and both step and turn a little away from each other with pulling in G lh and L rh: G lf back slow, rf to the side quick, lf close to rf quick; L mirror reflected.

In the next rumba step we can normally dance towards one another again to close hold. But in this dance we use this figure to part from corner to join own partner in bar 24.




The melody here is intended for easy learning the dance (a pedagogical, educational melody), with one note pr dance step, also in the alternative melody "Long long ago”.

Accordion: beats pr bar: 2 + 2.




These rumba figures can be seen explained (in English, USA West Coast) by Kyle & Susan Webb: Ballroom Waltz, Rumba, Cha cha (DVD Lyngby Library).

Book: Daniel Lopez: Salsa Rytmer, Sweden 1982 (Lyngby Library) p 38, for the rumba rhythm here.