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Our sailor has been to America and was inspired to use foxtrot in a traditional Danish type folk dance.

We dance for the pleasure so you are free to select a relaxed informal hold etc.



Dance description


Start: all couples stand in the line of dance (lod) after one another: Lady (L) to the right of Gent (G). Every second couple turn around so 2 couples face one another: in the big lod circle in the ballroom (or in a long straight line). L stands to the right of her G and faces her corner G = the opposite G. At the end of the dance G+L has moved forward to face a new couple.


Short description:


The dance consists of 4 parts: circle, couple dance with corner, chain, couple dance with partner:


1        circle of the 2 couples, clockwise and anticlockwise, walking steps or foxtrot steps

2        foxtrot couple dance with corner: side steps and promenade to the L place

3        chain to own L in own place with walking steps or foxtrot steps

4        foxtrot couple dance with own partner: side steps, basic steps, and natural turn, to opposite place to face a new couple



Description in detail:


bar no

1-8                Circle of the 2 couples, holding hands, walking steps: clockwise and anticlockwise, or walking with foxtrot steps.

9                   Couple dance with corner, close hold: foxtrot, first 3 side steps: from 2 couple middle (G left), towards middle, from middle.

10                 Backwards basic steps out into the corner with 1/4 right turn.

11                 Basic steps along G side to G’s place.

12                 Promenade (L and G walks side by side) to close step in the corner.

13                 From her ¼ left turn to promenade along the next side to the next corner.

14                 Then promenade to L place.

15-18            Chain until meeting own partner in own place: right hand to corner partner (you just danced with), left hand to own partner, then corner, then own; 4 foxtrot steps (or 12 walking steps).

19-24            Couple dance with own partner, foxtrot: first 3 side steps: towards 2 couple middle (G left), from middle, towards middle.

20-24            Basic steps to the corner.

21-22            In the corner there is a 3/4 natural turn with rock steps, twice.

23                 Basic steps to the next corner.

24                 Here we have backwards basic steps with 90º right turn to the original opposite place where we turn to face a new couple, ready to circle with them.


The dance ends with couple dance out into the ballroom 1-8.



Mixer dance in big circle to the melody here to learn the foxtrot basic steps and eventually the dance figures:

big circle, couple dance, chain to a new partner, couple dance.



Dance steps and dance figures:


See the foxtrot dance Foxy Furs.




Foxtrot music is usually in 4/4 alla breve. But I have chosen to make it 6/4 because the foxtrot dance is 6/4. The melody fits note by note with the dance steps.

The last note, bar 24, transition to bar 1, has a double length so bar 24 is 8/4.

Accordion: beats pr bar: 3 + 3 in 6/4 as a first simple proposal.




These foxtrot figures can be seen explained (in English) by

Simon & Heidi Cruwys, Discover Dance on DVD (Birkerød Library)

(Simon & Heidi here also demonstrates the quickstep dance: the same as foxtrot only faster. My Danish quickstep dances in this collection are different).

Michael & Vicky Barr, Ballroom Dancing for Beginners (video Copenhagen Main Library) (side steps shown).