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Steps: Cha-cha-cha; walk walk 1 chasse

Circle dance, change of partners

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Dance steps and dance figures




Basic cha-cha-cha dance figures are here brought into a simple Danish folk dance.

We dance for the pleasure so you are free to select a relaxed informal hold etc.


Dance description


Start: big circle of couples (all the dancers of the ballroom) all holding hands.


Short description:


After an introduction with a big circle, the dance consists of 2 parts: couple dance and chain to a new partner:


intr     big circle clockwise, walking steps (or cha-cha-cha walk)

1a      close hold, cha-cha-cha basic steps

1b      opening towards centre and towards wall

2        chain to a new partner, walking steps (or cha-cha-cha walk)


1b can be cha-cha-cha basic steps like in 1a.



Description in detail:


bar no

1-4           Big circle, all holding hands, clockwise, walking steps (or cha-cha-cha walk: walk walk 1chasse).

5-6           Couple dance, close hold, cha-cha-cha basic steps in line of dance (lod) Gent (G): facing forward, start left foot (lf), Lady (L) start back right foot (rf): walk walk side-chasse. Then G: rf back walk

7               Opening towards centre: G ¼ left turn cross lf back, L: ¼ right turn cross rf back, G right arm around L waist  slow, then replace weight to other foot slow, then side-chasse facing each other cha-cha-cha, G lf rf lf.

8               Opening towards the wall in the same way.

9-12         Chain (= grand right and left) to a new partner (no. 5 maybe), walking steps or walk walk 1chasse.

13-16       Couple dance = 5-8.

1-4           Chain = 9-12.                 


Alternative to opening in 7-8:

7-8           Cross over break = New York presentation, first to the wall, then to the centre.



Dance steps and dance figures:


See dance 5 Sailors lined up and dance 1 Sailor-rhinelander for the description of the basic cha-cha-cha steps and: walk walk 1chasse and of New York presentation.

The dance is fast: so small steps.

If you feel like it: then a little cha-cha-cha hip movement (the ship floor is pitching).




We choose one of the cha-cha-cha melodies: Golfstrømeren (= one note for each dance step) or Calypsøer (a little more like ”West-indian”, here used for bar no. and linked to in table on top of this page).




There are many dance instruction videos with cha-cha-cha, see video list