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Sailors lined up

(Sailors walk the line is a more simple line dance for the same melody, dance 5b)

Steps: Cha-cha-cha; walk walk 1 chasse; rock polka

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After a trip to the Caribbean our sailor returns home with inspiration for this dance.



Dance description


Start: all couples stand in 2 lines: Lady (L) to the right of her Gent (G): Couple 1 (C1) in one line with another C1 opposite in the other line, next Couple 2 (C2) with another C2 in the opposite line, then the next C1 with opposite C1, etc. In each line C1 changes place with C2 at the end of the dance, and the dance is repeated.

The 2 lines can be 2 big circles in the ballroom along the wall: an inner line and an outer line.

(Else the inner line in the dance description below is the line to the right seen from the front).



Short description:


The dance consists of 4 parts: greetings, change over, New York presentation, chain home to rock polka:


1a     holding hands along the lines: inner line: basic steps in and out, greet partner (=L right of G), greet corner (=L left of G); (outer line stands waiting)

1b     outer line: basic steps in and out, greet partner, greet corner; (inner line stands waiting)

2a     C1 changes place with opposite (right hand)

2b     C2 changes place with opposite (so G has own L on left side)

3a     All with partner, close hold: basic steps + New York inwards towards opposite line, and outwards

3b     All with corner, close hold: basic steps + New York outwards and inwards

4a     chain to own place in C1 and C2

4b     couple rock polka in the lines with C1 and C2 changing place: C1 away from the front, C2 towards front



Description in detail:


bar no        We all hold hands in each line.

1-2             Inner line (or right line seen from the front): basic cha-cha-cha steps towards opposite line (G start left foot (lf) and L right foot (rf)), and basic steps back again; in the side chasses we “oscillate” towards corner and partner.

3                Greet partner: G lf cross over 1/8 right turn (L rf croos over) slow, replace weight to right foot slow, side chasse to the left quick quick slow (= cha cha cha) (L side chasse to the right).

4                Greet corner in the same way. Outer line has been waiting, having a break or pause here in 1-4.

1-5             Now outer line has the same greeting figure while inner line has a break.

6-9             C1 changes place with the opposite C1: right hand (rh): G and L both: lf walk, rf walk, side chasse from each other, rf walk, lf walk, side chasse towards each other (+ maybe hip touch?), another 2 walk walk side chasse, with left turn to place.

6-10           C2 change place. Now G has partner L to his left and corner L to his right.

11-14         With partner in close hold: basic cha-cha-cha steps along the line, and back, New York presentation towards opposite (G lf L rf start), then NY presentation away from the line.

11-15         With corner in close hold: the same figure of basic steps and NY presentation, now first away from the lines, then inwards towards opposite.

16-19         Chain home to original own place walk walk 1 chasse, rh to own partner, G goes clockwise.

20-23         Rock polka with partner in close hold: rock rock turn-chasse, C1 and C2 around one another in own line changing place, C2 towards front in line (= line of dance for the ballroom if the 2 lines are 2 big circles).




The dance is best for several couples: like 20 - 40 couples if danced in lines as 2 big circles.

In straight lines it can be danced by only 6 - 8 couples.



Dance steps and dance figures:


See dance 1 Sailor-rhinelander for the description of the basic steps: walk walk 1chasse and of rock polka.

The dance is fast: so small steps.

If you feel like it: then a little cha-cha-cha hip movement (the ship floor is pitching).


Basic steps in cha-cha-cha: G: start from feet together, walk forward on lf with weight slow, replace weight to rf slow, side chasse to the left cha cha cha (=quick quick slow); walk back on rf slow, replace weight to lf  slow, side chasse to the right cha cha cha. L follows G (i.e. rf walk back slow, replace weight to lf slow, side chasse to the right , etc.). Close hold or 2 hand hold.


New York presentation (= cross over break): L rh in G lh face each other, G: ¼ right turn (clockwise) lf cross over slow, replace weight to rf slow, face each other side chasse to G left; L: the same mirror reflected.




The melody is in 4 parts, 5 lines, (with influence of calypso).

Accordion: 4 + 4 beats pr bar.




There are many dance instruction videos with cha-cha-cha, see video list