Modern folk dance with ballroom dance steps and latin dance steps

Dandelion sorceress teat-cover

Steps: Cha-cha-cha; walk walk 1 chasse; rock polka

Circle dance, change of partners

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The beautiful milky dandelion flower is in Queen’s Danish called ”milk-tub”. In my mother’s tongue it is called “troll-sorceress” in our regional language of North Jutland. Our girls use this plentiful blooming yellow flower to braid garlands to enhance their beauty, for our sailor to dream of the far away bare breasted girls covered with tropical flowers.

We dance for the pleasure so you are free to select a relaxed informal hold etc.


Dance description


Start: big circle of couples (all the trolls and sorceresses of the ballroom).


Short description:


The dance consists of 4 parts: circle, towards the centre, greet partner and corner, change place to a new partner:


1        big circle clockwise and anti clockwise twice, cha-cha-cha sidesteps

2        towards centre forth and back twice, cha-cha-cha steps

3        greet partner and corner twice, cross over steps

4        full turn around to change place with corner



Description in detail:


bar no

1               Big circle, holding hands or waist clasp, cha-cha-cha sidesteps to the left (clockwise): left foot (lf) step to the left slow, right foot (rf) close to lf slow, left side-chasse (quick quick slow) lf rf lf. The same for Gent (G) and Lady (L).

2               Cha-cha-cha sidesteps to the right (anti clockwise).

3-4           Repeat 1-2.

1               Towards the centre: lf walk forward slow, replace weight to rf slow, left side-chasse lf rf lf.

2               From the centre: rf walk back slow, replace weight to lf slow, right side-chasse rf lf rf.

3-5           Repeat in and out in 1-2.

6               Holding hands: 1/8 turn towards partner: G: lf cross over slow, replace weight on rf slow, chasse in place. L the same mirror reflected.

7               The same turning to the other side, towards corner. G: rf cross in front over…

8-9           Repeat 6-7; (or in 9 New York presentation to the outside with corner: L left hand in G right hand (see dance 5 for New York).

6-7           Release hands: both turn towards partner (farewell nod), continue turn, steps: walk walk chasse.

8-10         Walk past corner right shoulder to right shoulder, G clockwise outside the circle, to get corner as new partner, for repeating the dance from 1.



Dance steps and dance figures:


See dance 5 Sailors lined up and dance 1 Sailor-rhinelander for the description of the basic cha-cha-cha steps and: walk walk 1chasse and of rock polka.

The dance is fast: so small steps.

If you feel like it: then a little cha-cha-cha hip movement (the ship floor is pitching).




The melody is in 2 parts, 2 lines.

Accordion: 4 + 4 beats pr bar.




There are many dance instruction videos with cha-cha-cha, see video list