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Steps: Cha-cha-cha; walk walk 1 chasse; rock polka

3 corner dance, 3 couples

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After a trip to the Bermuda Triangle our sailor returns home with inspiration for this dance.



Dance description


Start: 3 couples in a circle


A traditional Danish 3 corner dance is described with animation figures in dance week 15 on my website of 1999 now placed on:



Short description:


The dance consists of 3 parts: circle, chain, rock polka:


1       Circle clockwise and anti clockwise, or variation figures

2       Chain with return to a new partner, turn in a right arm hook with no 3

3       Couple dance rock polka with new partner in the small circle



Description in detail:


bar no

1-4 Circle clockwise with walking steps or walk walk 1chasse (or variation figures).

1-5 Circle anti clockwise (or variation figures).

6 Hand chain (= grand right and left): right hand (rh) to partner walk walk 1chasse past partner.

7 Left hand (lh) to and passing the next.

8 Right arm hook with the next: step step 1 chasse (slow slow quick quick slow) to the side away from each other.

9 Then step step 1 chasse against each with right turn.

6 Change arm hook to right hand hold to chain back to and passed original place.

7 lh to and passing next.

8 rh to and passing next who is your original partner.

10 lh to next = new partner, ready for:

11-18 Couple dance rock polka in the small circle rock rock turn-chasse.


The dance ends in bar 18 (couple dance rock polka).

The dance is fast so small steps.



The dance is maybe likely to be danced with always circle in bar 1-5 as variation C below. But for e.g. only 3 couples the variation figures are:

Variation figures, clockwise and possible anti clockwise (bar 1-5):

1.  Circle of the 6 dancers

2.  One hand mill for L

3.  One hand mill for G

4.  Two hand mill for L

5.  Two hand mill for G

6.  All in circle with waist clasp (= basket)






C)   Change to new 3 corner couples: dance: 1. circle, 2. chain, 3. rock polka, and repeat 2 and 3.

       If 2. chain 3. rock polka is repeated twice (i.e. played 3 times in all) we are back to original partner.

       Then we dance out into the dance hall in the last rock polka to find 2 new couples to join in the following circle of 3 couples.

       (If you in the hurry do not get into contact with 2 couples then dance rock polka alone or dance with only 2 couples, or 4 or more couples).



Dance steps and dance figures:


See dance 5 Sailors lined up and dance 1 Sailor-rhinelander for the description of the basic cha-cha-cha steps and: walk walk 1chasse and of rock polka.

The dance is fast: so small steps.

If you feel like it: then a little cha-cha-cha hip movement (the ship floor is pitching).




The melody is in 3 parts, 4 lines, (with influence of calypso).

Accordion: 4 + 4 beats pr bar.




There are many dance instruction videos with cha-cha-cha, see video list