Folk dance from Denmark

Sjijnmyravalsen (Sjijn Bog Waltz)

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Dance description:

Animation of the dance

Sjijnmyravalsen (Sjijn Bog Waltz)

Couple dance in the line of dance in the ballroom.
Tyrolese waltz (= tyrolean steps), running steps, waltz
The dance is in 2 section: a and b:
a: bar 1-8, repeated
b: bar 9-16, repeated


Sjijnmyravalsen from Bornholm, Denmark  - couple dance, waltz

bar 1-4 tyrolese forward Gent and lady dance tyrolese waltz forward in the line of dance; lady has her left hand in the right hand of her gent; gent starts with his left foot, lady with her right
. turning Gent and lady turn individually to the opposite direction (first towards one another)
bar 5-8 tyrolese the other way Gent and lady dance tyrolese waltz in the opposite direction; lady has her right hand in the left hand of her gent (steps continue i.e. gent start also here with his left foot)
bar 1-8 (no figure) Bar 1-8, section a, is repeated
bar 9-10 turn and clap Gent and lady face each other and turn around 360° (first away from one another), to meet with a clap (or greeting = acknowledge partner), running steps
bar 11-12 turn opposite and clap The same as bar 9-10 but the opposite way around
bar 13-16 couple around in l.o.d. Waltz for couples in the line of dance (ballroom hold), (gent starts with his left foot almost backwards in line of dancing)
bar 9-16 (no figure) Bar 9-16, section b, is repeated

The dance is repeated as long as pleased.

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