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Steps and figures




We use mambo steps in a traditional Danish type folk dance.

We dance for the pleasure so you are free to select a relaxed informal hold etc.



Dance description


Start: big circle of couples (all the dancers of the ballroom)


Short description:


After an introduction with a big circle, the dance consists of 2 parts: couple dance and chain to a new partner:


intr     big circle clockwise, walking steps

1        mambo couple dance: basic steps, dance figure

2        chain with walking steps to a new partner for couple dance



Description in detail:


bar no

1-8                Big circle, holding hands, walking steps: clockwise, left foot right foot pr bar.

9-12              Couple dance, close hold, mambo basic steps (or cucaracha steps). L: back to line of dance.

13-14            Dance figure A, B, C, D, E; E: 9-16.

15-16            Dance figure again, or basic steps.

17-20            Chain, walk steps to a new partner, lf rf pr bar.


Dance figure A, B, C, D, E: see below.

The dance is repeated from bar 9: couple dance.

Or we repeat from bar 1: circle, to find our proper place with the new partner after the chain.


Dance steps and dance figures:


This dance can be used to learn the different dance figures, one at a time, that are danced in the quadrille dance 25, "Salsitas mambo-rul".

These dance figures are also used in other dances, e.g. cha-cha-cha and jive.


Mambo  basic figure:

We count to 2 in a bar (1 a 2).

G: lf forward 1, weight on rf a, lf back to the close side of rf 2; rf back 1, weight on lf a, rf to the close side of lf 2. L follows G.



G: lf to the side 1, weight on rf a, lf closes to rf 2; and in the same way: rf to the side 1, weight on lf a, rf closes to lf 2. L follows G.


A       Lady turns under arm: L: ½ right turn towards the centre of the ballroom; then ½ left turn back to G.

(Bar 13:) L right hand in G left hand: G turns clockwise under arm away from G rf lf rf. (Bar 14) G turns anti clockwise under arm home to G again lf rf lf. G: basic mambo steps lf (back!) rf lf and rf lf rf; start with lf back is to give distance to L and get pull in hands.


B       Opening (hand to hand): opening to the side: first opening towards the centre, then towards the wall.

          G: ¼ turn back left, lf cross behind rf in mambo basic step; L: ¼ turn back right, rf cross behind lf 1; G right arm around waist of L. Replace weiht to the other foot (G rf) a, then step into place 2. In the same way opening towards the wall (G right).


C       New York, presentation of partner: to the side: first towards the wall (G right) then towards the centre.

          G and L both turn to face the wall, L right hand in G left hand: G ¼ right turn, lf cross over rf, L ¼ left turn, rf cross over lf, 1. Then replace weight to the other foot (G rf) a, and step into place (G lf) 2. In the same way to the other side, facing centre. Use the free hand to wave.


D       Lady roll: 4 bars figure: L rolls into the right arm of G and stand to the right of G, and we turn as a couple 1 full turn clockwise, L rolls out again.

          (Bar 13) 2-hand hold, or 1 hand hold G rh L lh: G mambo basic lf back while L ½ turn left so L with crossed arms in front of stomach and now 2 hand hold rolled into the arms of L+G stands close to the right side of G

          (Bar 14-15) G+L: 1 turn clockwise: G forward rf lf rf, lf rf lf, L backward lf rf lf, rf lf rf.

          (Bar 16) L rolls out of G right arm: G let left hand go, rf lf rf away from L, L rolls away from G lf rf lf.


E       Figure of eight, double hand hold: 4 bars figure. L is ”captured” and stands in front of G facing lod or centre of ballroom.

          Or G is captured and stands in front of L, facing against lod or facing wall.

          Or first L and then G is captured, 8 bars (9-16), like in dance 25 Salsita’s Mambo Roll.

L is captured: double hand hold (bar 13): L rolls left turn into L+G arms so L stands with her back to G and L has crossed arms in front of her stomach; (14) then G steps a little to the right rf lf rf and L steps to the left lf rf lf so G has his left arm around the waist of L; (15) then the equivalent to the opposite side; (16) then L rolls clockwise out of the arms again.

G is captured in the same way (bar 13); then G steps to the right rf lf rf and L steps to the left lf rf lf (bar 14).




The melody fits note by note with the dance steps in the couple dance part.

The circle and chain part have (simple) walking steps so here the melody is more free.

Accordion: beats pr bar: 2 + 2 (as a simple proposal).




See dance 25 Salsita’s Mambo Roll.