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Steps: Cha-cha-cha; walk walk 1 chasse; rock polka

2 couples line dance

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After a trip to the Caribbean we go ashore on leave with this presentation dance on the wharf. 



Dance description


Start: all couples stand in the line of dance (lod) after one another: Lady (L) to the right of Gent (G). Every second couple turn around so 2 couples face one another: in the big lod circle in the ballroom (or in a long straight line). L stands to the right of her G and faces her corner G = the opposite G. At the end of the dance G+L has moved forward to face a new couple.


Short description:


The dance consists of 4 parts: circle, couple dance with corner, chain, couple dance with partner:


1        circle of the 2 couples (or variation figures)

2        presentation of partner (New York)

3        chain (= grand right and left)

4        rock polka changing place to face a new opposite couple



Description in detail:


bar no

1-4                Circle of the 2 couples, holding hands, walking steps: clockwise, or walking with cha-rhinelander steps: walk walk 1chasse.

5                    Close hold with partner, basic cha-cha-cha step, G forward.

6                    Basic step G backward. L follows G.

7                    New York presentation to G right, i.e. outwards away from the opposite couple, towards another couple in the line (your previous opposite couple).

8                    New York presentation to G left, i.e. facing your opposite couple.

9-12              Chain with walk walk 1chasse 1 round to own place.

13-16            Close hold, rock-polka around the other couple, changing place to face a new opposite couple.



Dance steps and dance figures:


Cha-cha-cha basic steps:

We count: slow slow quick quick quick, or slow slow cha cha cha, or step step 1chasse.

Close hold. Gent (G): left foot (lf) forward slow, replace weight on right foot (rf) slow, lf to the left side quick, rf close to lf quick (or rf moves towards lf, lf to the left side quick. Lady (L) follows Gent.

Then G rf back, replace weight on lf, rf to the right for right chasse.

Close hold, or 2 hand hold, or 1 hand hold.


Cross over break  (New York), presentation:

From the normal position, L to the right of G when facing inwards, but here we start facing partner.

From close hold or 2 hand hold: G: right turn and L: left turn so G and L stand side by side facing away from the opposite couple, L right hand in G left hand (waving with the free hand to introduce you as a couple or to present your partner, or to greet the opposite couple); G: lf cross over to the right in front of rf with right turn slow, then replace weight to rf slow, then turn back to close hold with lf to left side-chasse cha cha cha. L the same mirror reflected. Cross over to the other side is similar, facing inwards towards the other couple.


See dance 1 Sailor rhinelander for the description of the steps: walk walk 1chasse and rockpolka.

The dance is fast so small steps.

If you feel like it: then include a little hip movement (the boat dance floor is pitching).






Presentation of corner:


In the music note sheet the 3 last note lines are repeated, from bar 5. The 3 extra dance parts are:

(The couples have changed place, so you now start from the opposite place:)

2a     Presentation of corner (= the opposite) first towards middle of 2 couple group (L rh in G lh), then towards outside to the side.

3a     Chain 1 round.

4a     Rock-polka with corner, and back to own partner on own place on last step.

Then circle a new opposite couple.

New York presentation is out to the sides: i.e. facing either the wall or the centre of the ballroom.



Line dance, in 2 lines (= country dance)

In stead of the pairs of couples standing in the big circle = line of dance (lod), we can stand in a long straight line, where end couples have to pause 1 round when turning to go in the opposite direction.



2 couples dance with variation figures


The 2 couples stay together:

1       circle part is substituted by

1       variation figures: circle, 1 hand mill, 2 hand mill, circle with waist clasp (= basket).




The melody is in 4 parts, 4 lines, (2 lines with influence of calypso).

Accordion: 4 + 4 beats pr bar.




There are many dance instruction videos with cha-cha-cha, see video list